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MA Arts & Place-Approaching Residencies
Dartington Estate

April & May 2022

These pages are a record of the time I spent on the estate as part of the introductory module of the MA Arts & Place course offered by Dartington Arts School. 


Arriving at the site with a practice currently most engaged with textiles and weaving, and informed by a case study of the work of Cecilia Vicuna, my residency became a space to develop my thinking about the relationship between fabric and place; both thinking of land as a fabric, in particular in reference to ecosystems and interconnection, and also considering how the threads of history, geology, power, ownership and personal narrative are woven into the fabric of place. 

The 'Surveying the Fabric' page details my initial explorations of the site, which took the form of a walking practice.

The  'Unravelling the Knots' page identifies some of the main areas of enquiry that I have been thinking through whilst on residency.

The 'Following the Threads' page presents a number of the works I have made on site, including 3 temporary site specific installations which have subsequently been deinstalled and are documented here. 

I have interspersed reflective text and included bibliography on a separate page.

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