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Approaching Urban Places

Ahead of my Delfina residency I am thinking about:

  • Found text

  • Textiles as storyteller

  • Creative work as a site of exchange

  • Postcards

  • Following a thread (unravelling and ravelling)

  • Trails and traces

  • Different types of ethnography

  • Psycho-geography

  • Invisible Cities

  • Sophie Calle

  • The Situationists

  • Chance encounters as site for creative exchange

  • Le flaneur

  • Excavated communities

  • Traces of the past (I remember...)

  • Delfina as transitory space

  • Coach station as 'underbelly' of Victoria

  • Surveillance culture and the city

  • Writing as practice

  • Walking as practice

  • Postcards as traces and practice

  • Found text

  • Interventions

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