Words Fail Me

I make art in response to my lived experience of place, and my work is rooted in being outdoors; walking, wild swimming, collecting and remembering are all part of my process. I work both in the studio and site-specifically, using camera-less photography, painting, assemblage and stitch, and preferring to work with natural, recycled or repurposed materials whenever I can. I am primarily interested in our symbiotic relationship with place, and my work is often catalysed by the profound significance of particular places to my personal narrative. In this era of climate breakdown and mass extinction, my response to place inevitably references and tries to articulate the complexity of our collective response to this lived reality. In particular in relation to this thread through my practice, I feel increasingly the importance of non-verbal modes of communication, and in letting the work speak directly to the viewer. I enjoy making work that inspires joy and a playful, curious response, as I believe this creates a deeper connection, and creates a space for questioning, reflection, learning and enchantment to happen.

WORDS FAIL ME 1900.jpg