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Reverse Murmuration

'Reverse Murmuration' is a work composed of multiple elements presented as a complete work at the MA Arts and Place Sharing event on 31st May 2022, at the Summerhouse on the Dartington Hall Estate.

The work composed an unnumbered series of monoprints (various sizes and colours), a weaving (40x60cm), plant pots and bundles of monoprints and seed cards.

The work is related to 'Sanctuary' as it a continuation of the re-presentation of the data in the graph (detailed on the Making Meaning page), and was conceived as a 'response' to place as related to the idea of a response as an act of giving back- 'the first sacrifice is "seeing", because the act of seeing is a response'. The root of the word 'respond' is to dedicate again, to receive something and to donate it back.'
(Pollock, 1996 p200).

The weaving is composed of a warp and weft forming a grid pattern. Knotted plant fibres found on the Dartington Estate have been used in three strands to denote bird population trajectories. Here the populations are represented as rising as opposed to falling. The form described also appears to resemble a bird in flight, or a murmuration of birds.

In order to underline this potentiality to reverse the trend of bird decline and to create a work of 'response' to the place I planted plant pots with pollinator-attracting seeds and made bundles of seed-papers and the monoprints which I gave away to visitors at the sharing event.

It was my intention to 'give back' as a collaborative gesture, so that visitors taking away and growing the seeds that would ultimately support the food chain that the birds are dependent on, in this way helping to support the bird populations and wider estate fabric at Dartington.

(Bottom right image credit- Dartington School of Arts Instagram feed)

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